Our Residential Cleaning Packages

Basic Cleaning

Our basic cleaning covers all of your basic household needs. This cleaning will give you peace of mind that all of your basic household needs are met so you can enjoy more free time. Basic cleanings can be scheduled on a weekly, bi-weekly or on a monthly basis.

☆Kitchen • kitchen counters cleaned and sanitized • fronts of all appliances cleaned to include polishing of all stainless steel • inside of microwaves cleaned • all items on kitchen counters wiped down such as coffee pots, toasters, nick knacks etc. as well as straightening up items to look aesthetically pleasing • kitchen sink scrubbed, sanitized and polished if stainless steel to include sink stoppers as well as all hard water build up removed on or around the faucet • stove top cleaned. Please note we will not use razor blades or other abrasive materials to clean. If stove top has grates, grates will be cleaned as well as underneath them.
☆Bathrooms • all bathroom counters sanitized and cleaned • all bathroom mirrors cleaned • all hard water build up removed around faucets • toilets thoroughly cleaned to include the base, bowl and top • bathtubs scrubbed and any mold removed to the best of our ability • showers scrubbed and hard water build up removed from shower hardware and glass doors to best of our ability • toothbrush holders cleaned (please store toothbrushes in separate place if you do not want us to move them while cleaning) • items on bathroom counters wiped down and organized in an aesthetically pleasing manner • any hanging towels will be left neatly hung
☆Dusting • entire house dusted in places that can be reached without use of step ladder • items on tables and shelves will be moved for dusting, if items are heavily congested in any area items will be dusted around instead of moved • lamps and other items on furniture will be dusted as needed • please note that we will not climb to reach to dust any surfaces in your home, also we not dust small knickknacks or the inside Cairo cabinet this is to protect your belongings from damage. If you prefer any of these items or places to be dusted we can do if asked
☆Glass • all glass in your home, to exclude windows, will be cleaned. This includes mirrors, sliding glass doors(inside and outside), free standing and hanging mirrors and any glass top tables
☆Aesthetics • house will picked up and be left in aesthetically pleasing manner, this includes toys put away, couch pillows and throws neatly arranged, dirty laundry put in hampers, beds made neatly and miscellaneous items neatly stacked
☆Trash • all trash will be taking out and put in trash bin or outdoor trash receptacles and trash bags replaced
☆Floors • the inside of your home will be vacuumed and mopped. While vacuuming, any small area rugs will be shaken and reasonably sized items will be moved to vacuum underneath. All hard floors and rugs will be vacuumed and all hard floors will be mopped. • please note we will not move furniture while vacuuming or mopping floors. This is to protect your floors and furniture from damage. Furniture can be moved to clean under at your request on as needed basis.

Deeper Cleaning

Our Bestway deeper cleaning packages include all of our fundamental/ basic cleaning services with many extras, giving you that spring clean feel in your home.

• the fronts of all cabinets will be cleaned in the home to include kitchen and bathrooms
• all ceiling fans will be cleaned
• all doors and door frames will be cleaned to exclude the outside of any doors leading outside the home
• all wall sockets and light switches will be cleaned
• all blinds and window sills will be cleaned
• all baseboards will be cleaned
•all air conditioning vents with filters will be cleaned and filters replaced (replacement filters must be provided)

Move In and Move Out Cleaning

These are Bestway’s most comprehensive cleaning packages. Move in and move out cleans include everything in our fundamental/ basic and deep clean services and also include:

•the insides of all empty cabinets and drawers
•all light fixtures
•ceiling vents
•inside of the refrigerator
•the inside of the oven
•the floors and baseboards inside every closet

Please note, our move out clean is designed to fulfill move out requirements for the purpose of ensuring the return of your security deposit.

*Please advise us if there is a move out checklist provided by your landlord*

Post Construction Cleaning

We offer post constitution cleanings for new homes as well as home renovations. Please call us to discuss the individual needs of your post construction clean up.

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